Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition

You’ve seen the films, read the coffee table books and heard the conspiracy theories well now it’s time to meet the artefacts. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the world’s greatest film director passing and in honour of that the great man the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition has come to Britain for the first time. On show at the Design Museum in Kensington, London the exhibition covers all of Stanley’s films and includes a genuinely overwhelming amount of items connected to them. From Saul Bass’s prototype poster illustrations for The Shining to the three wicked candles used to light Barry Lyndon there is an (non human) Hollywood star around every corner of this truly incredible exhibition.

Impossible to choose a favourite film to focus on I spent two hours in their bouncing around scale models of the war room, Hardy Amies outfits, Overlook mazes and ‘that’ camouflage helmet like a pinball. In fact I’ve been in a cinematic stupor ever since, the items on display have effected me in much the same way that Stanley’s films have over the years. It’s without a doubt the best exhibition I have ever experienced and I can’t recommend you go and check it out before it ends on the 15th of September. Cheers to JD for the photos, head over to book your tickets at the Design Museum here.


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