Star in Stripes – Fred Perry

Few brands can tick metaphorical boxes in quite the same way Fred Perry does.

Founded by the original celebrity sports star, the eponymous brand has always occupied a place close to our own hearts here at Proper given our shared Stockport roots. It’s a big world out there though, which Fred himself embraced when he moved to Hollywood. We ended up a bit closer to home in Ancoats, Manchester but it’s still a little boundary we crossed. Fred Perry has long since transcended its tennis roots, now the preserve of various sections of society and subcultures.

Our pals at Eqvvs are onboard with the laurel logo and everything it represents, and the calendar still showing August means t-shirts remain very much on the agenda.

Have a look at these stripey offerings from Fred Perry anyway, they’re nice.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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