Stone Island Lightweight Lasered Reflect Mat Jacket

Whether you like it or not, Stone Island is a pretty unshakeable brand. Firmly favoured by football fighter men in Europe, and rumoured to be the brand of choice for New Yorkers who travel on the other bus, it has a capacity to transcend the stereotypes that seem to follow it around. 

There are reasons for this of course, but neither you nor I give a flip what those reasons are. We just know that a well-made, expensive coat that turns you into a robot when it’s dark is a very good thing. Say what you like about Stone Island, but they know how to make an expensive coat that turns you into a robot when it’s dark.

This one at Triads is their latest attempt, and a fine one it is too. The reflective pattern looks a bit like a futuristic maze. Overtones of pacman. A pacman pack-a-mac would be a good idea wouldn’t it? I wonder why Stone Island haven’t done one of those yet? Maybe that’s their plan for next season. Or maybe I’ve been eating too many haribos.

I could bang on about loads of techie stuff, and how this is made from 44% glass fibre, 33% polyeruthane, 22% polyester and 1% poly put the kettle on, but you don’t come to Proper to read that stuff do you?

You come to look at the pictures and click on the links. So what are you waiting for?

See a more grown up description here.


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  1. Best jacket I’ve bought in a long time. The missus isn’t a fan but I love it to bits.

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