Stone Island Shadow Project SS’018

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Not only does the SS18 lookbook from Stone Island’s 20th Shadow Project look like it’s come straight from the set on the next Star Wars flick but the press release also reads like an extract from a Haynes manual for the Millennium Falcon. For examples there’s “6819 emerges from fusion and subtraction. Wearer-driven agency is expressed through the merger of performative details and adaptive volumes.” Not to mention “Negative spaces, textures, and surfaces play against decisive colour flashes.” Alongside “Earth tones and desaturated neutrals are punctuated by high-visibility and flat neon elements.” as well as “New volumes are long, loose, and irreverent; subject to modification by Adjustment zippers and Articulation tunnels.” oh and “Signature operational details continue to evolve as evidenced by variations of Teleport and Drop pockets.“. The various materials also sound like Mos Eisley regulars too with names like Spider Watro, Discharge Cotton, Naslan and Lucid Flock making up the collection. So if you intend to make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs this season I strongly advise that you avail yourself of some of this truly incredible Italian sportswear.

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