SUNSPEL ‘James Bond Edit’

‘Skyfall’, hmmmm. The reviews were a little bit glowing really weren’t they? Great film, but was it a Bond film? Probably not, bit too much Robin Hood ‘Prince of Thieves’ meets ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ at the end. Right, I’ll stop playing film critic now.  Sunspel became associated with Bond in 2008 with the release of Casino Royale, well it wasn’t going to happen during Piers the ‘leisure wear model’ Brosnan’s time, was it? Sunspel’s brief was to make a well cut polo shirt for Bond, it had to be suitable for a man who might get himself into a bit of mischief.  So the scrapes Bond gets himself into are a bit different to what you or I would and probably don’t involve legging it from a taxi* or running for the last train but you can pretend. *take that you fare inventing charlatan.

The Q75 Riviera warp-knit cotton polo shirt was created by Peter Hill, grandson of Sunspel founder, Thomas Hill. The polo was designed with the sun of the Italian Riviera in mind using lightweight mesh (more open mesh than traditional pique). There is a single pocket which is a nice smart touch. Sunspel now provide Bond with polo shirts, boxers and shirts. The ‘Riviera’ polo shirt you’ll see Bond wearing has inspired a ‘James Bond Edit’ collection. The collection has a few staple items, polo’s, jumpers, t-shirts and a particularly well fitting pair of chino’s.

Riviera Polo Shirt (Navy)

You’ve just taken your coat off, you stand up and make your way past the bar to the gents focussed on your goal, urination that is (you can pretend you’re off to give Goldfinger a shoeeing). As you sweep along the packed bar men want to be you, woman want to sleep with you, such is the power of this polo. Joking aside this polo is handsomely cut and very well made.

Riviera Crew Neck T-Shirt (Grey Melange)

Don’t know about you but I’ve got quite the collection of grey t-shirts. Very well fitting and will last you, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Long Sleeve Roll Neck (Camel)

You can pretend you’re a Bond baddie in this one, get yourself and eyepatch and you could be mistaken for Emilio Largo. A quality lightweight jumper made from fine merino wool, touch of class.

 Fine Merino Wool Polo Jumper (Black)

 Sunspel’s take on a classic, slim fitting, 100% merino wool.

Cashmere Cable Knit Jumper (Natural)

Made inScotlandby Johnstons of Elgin who know a thing or two about making jumpers what with having been around since 1797. The jumper is a regular fitting crew neck sweater with a cable pattern and lightly ribbed hem and cuffs.

 Chino (Navy)

Classic 5-pocket design. Slim through the leg, there are two unbuttoned rear pockets and a subtle ‘ticket pocket.

An appeal

As part of the Bond 50th anniversary celebrations Sunspel were invited to have a hand in the ‘Designing 007’ exhibition which has recently been on at ‘The Barbican’ in that London and is now touring the world for the next three years.

Sunspel were asked to recreate the pale blue shorts Connery wore in Thunderball. Sunspel were given access to the original archives so that they could get the new shorts as close to the pair Connery wore nearly 50 years ago, arm around Claudine Auger. I got all excited after the exhibition and promptly paid a trip to Sunspel in Red church Street to try and buy the shorts only to be told they were made as a one off. I left feeling crestfallen, my hopes of pretending to be Connery on next years summer holiday somewhat dashed.

So, Sunspel, wouldn’t it be great if you decided to make a few more pairs? If you can’t then I’ll get the BBC to reprise ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ and chance my arm that way (Jim Davidson isn’t up to much is he?).

Greg Atkins


  1. Looks like what you always get with Sunspel. Clean, stylish and very wearable. Although I do agree with the user above. Not keen on the turtle neck.

  2. Swiss James

    Other than that grim turtle neck, nice stuff.

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