Sunspel’s Bright Sophistication

What do the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and half of the UK’s architecture during the Victorian Era all have in common? They’re all younger than the Nottingham-based clothing brand, Sunspel, which was established in 1860. How mad is that?

Sunspel’s Nottingham factory produced tunics and undershirts at the height of the Industrial Revolution. They then pioneered the t-shirt – you know, that clothing staple – in the late 19th century. Brands throw around the word ‘heritage’ a lot, but when Sunspel really equipped the workmen on the job at some of the aforementioned sites, they’ve earnt that word. 

Sunspel also claims to have introduced the boxer short to the UK market in 1947 and boosted the item’s popularity during a Levi’s commercial in 1950. Sunspel is a brand that’s history is entwined not just with the popularity of certain clothing, but with the invention of it. 

Yards Store has stocked a variety of Sunspel’s pieces, ranging from t-shirts through to sweaters, shirts, polos, and track pants. 

In Casino Royale, Bond wore strictly Sunspel polos and t-shirts. Bond knows a thing or two about heritage, we presume, so if you want to boost your wardrobe with Bond-level sophistication, Sunspel is the way to go. 

Browse the collection below and at Yards Store. 

Sunspel at Yards Store

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