Taion Approaches Down Like Bruce Lee Approaches Kicks

Bruce Lee famously declared that he feared not the man who knew a thousand kicks, but the man who had done one kick a thousand times. 

Taion – Japanese cult-loved down-dripped outerwear masters – know the first rule to success. Do one thing and do it well. Their thing is down-filling. 

Their range spans jackets, gilets and mufflers, all with subtle alterations. All crafted from high-density nylon with sleek, shiny, quilted exteriors, differences exist between the prominence of the collars, the inclusion of hand warmers, and the direction of the padding. Typically, they all have their own strengths, some situations requiring flexibility, some, utmost protection. 

Taion’s versatile range is available at Manchester establishment, Yards Store, both online and on the curated rails of the shop itself. 

Taion at Yards Store.

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