Take a hike with… Topo Designs

As you may or may not know we’re a bit of a sucker for a great looking bag here at Proper Magazine. Obviously not just any bag though, there are many, many boxes to be ticked before any piece of baggage gets slung over one (or both) of our manly shoulders. This is where a brand like Colorado’s Topo Designs comes in, who make some of the coolest ‘real-deal’ outdoor bags and accessories that we’ve seen in quite some time, meeting all of our stringent ‘functional meets aesthetic’ tick-box requirements. They stock everything you could possibly need for a roam around the Rockies or a stomp through Stockport; including cinch bags, daypacks, Kletter-sacks, duffels, sling bags and blankets, all of which are locally made to their incredibly high US of A standards.

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