Take to the Terraces – Columbia Buckhollow Anorak Jacket

There can’t be a more appropriately-named retailer in the UK than Terraces. With an offering of hooded outerwear that is so far up our street it’s almost in the next one, they’ve got a wide range of brands for when you’re sitting in the stands.

It’s not all about football, of course. We may not be able to travel too far, but as the domestic season nears its end, our thoughts turn to terraces of a different nature – those on which we place a sun lounger. They’ve got plenty of gear for that, too, however this Columbia Buckhollow jacket is for those who are staying at home rather than travelling away. With entry to stadia largely restricted, there’s been a growing trend for lads who would ordinarily be at the match to take their technical outerwear up large hills. There must be an underlying thirst for struggle, exhilaration and potential injury and in the Peak District and Snowdonia there are plenty of potential opponents.

Whatever the weather, this offering from Columbia is a lot of bang for your buck and we reckon you should take a closer look here.

See all Columbia gear at Terraces here.

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