TEN C Tempest Anorak

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I recently spent a lovely time in the Wellgosh store in Leicester having a brew with the ace lads who work there whilst falling in love with several jackets upstairs, most of which happened to be made by TEN C. A true king amongst coats (or maybe that should be Emperor?) whose expert craftsmanship and designs that are made to mould accordingly to the shape of the wearer are as close to perfection as it gets. One of the aforementioned jackets to take my heart was this canary yellow water-resistant Tempest Anorak. A truly incredible piece of kit  that is constructed from TEN C’s own densely woven OJJ fabric which is made over in Japan from a knitted nylon/polyester micro-fibre before being whisked off to Italy to be garment dyed and turned into quite possibly the greatest jacket ever made. I need this jacket in my life so much I could cry, actually I am crying IRL right now, has anyone got a tissue?

Buy a TEN C Tempest Anorak from Wellgosh here.


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