Ten Top Tees for the Indoor Chill

T-shirts are always relevant, even in winter. When you’ve got the heating on full blast you’re wearing a t-shirt. You’re just indoor rather than outdoors. With that in mind we’ve compiled a list of tees we reckon are ideal for your indoor chill.

Pleasures Dance T-Shirt
This is a nice idea from L.A brand Pleasures. A disco ball under the earth’s crust perhaps draws our attention to the fact that music is a leveller, a worldwide uniting factor that is within us all. That’s what I reckon anyway.
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PS Paul Smith Wheels T-Shirt
Winter might not be the best time to pick up your board and head out to do some kickflips or whatever skateboarders do these days. But Paul Smith acknowledges the subculture of skating, albeit from a non-native perspective via this t-shirt.
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Gramicci Footprints T-Shirt
Nice colours, this one. Gramicci get a lot of their tee designs done in the U.S where the culture for hiking is long-established. Celebrating that on a t-shirt therefore makes a lot of sense.
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Stussy Classic Dot T-Shirt
No list such as this can be complete without the inclusion of Stussy. Interesting fact, Michael Barrymore is a huge fan.
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Carhartt WIP Warm Embrace T-Shirt
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Carhartt are always on point with their t-shirts. Not a bad feat for a brand that is mainly known for its everyman appeal with workwear. This is another example of that t-shirt expertise.
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Lacoste x Le Fleur T-Shirt
There’s something about Lacoste that almost means they can do no wrong. Their t-shirts might not be as famous as their polo shirt but this looks lovely for lounging about while the rain and wind compete outside.
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Cotopaxi Llama Map T-Shirt
One brand to have tip-toed its way onto our radar in recent years is Cotopaxi. We first became aware of it before any UK stockists got onboard, when we visited one of those mad industry tradeshows. Founded in the U.S but named after a volcano in the Andes Mountains, this brand is one you should observe.
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Hikerdelic Leave No Trace T-Shirt
Ok, so we’re always a bit self-conscious sharing Hikerdelic gear on here. Feels like we’re blowing our own trumpet a bit too much. Even if we’re not, it defo feels like it. But with this t-shirt we reckon we’ve cracked it this season. It’s got a back print, too, but you’ll need to click the link to see that.
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Lacoste x Comm des Garcons Repeat Vertical T-Shirt
Not sure how we feel about this. Five crocs? One of them embroidered? Weird, m8. But also, yeah, we can see why it exists. How do you improve on that classic Lacoste signature logo? You can’t, but what you can do is twist it a bit, like this.
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Berghaus Unisex Original Tramantana T-Shirt – White
More than a minor whiff of late 80s/early 90s Umbro here albeit through the lens of Berghaus’s outdoor sensibilities. Nice, isn’t it? It’s what Paul Parker wears to walk up the hill near his house.
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