The North Face and Gucci have teamed up… And it’s really, really good.

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When a brand you’re genuinely into collaborates with a brand you normally observe from afar it’s easy to revert to being protective and cynical, even when you try really hard not to.

But this winning link up between The North Face and Gucci has provided us coat fans with a much needed positive in these negative times. Respecting the luxury heritage of Gucci while still remaining faithful to genuine outdoor pursuits isn’t easy, but they’ve cracked it.

The range has been shot by David Shea, who has added an ethereal 1970s of the future feel which only adds to the appeal of this gear. Whether I’ll get my hands on any of it remains to be seen, but I’ll be keeping a keen eye online come 22nd January.

Release Date & Where to Buy:

December 23: Raffle opens for early access to the drop.
January 4: Selfridges London.
January 9: Gucci stores in Berlin, Paris, Milan, and London, and online purchasing will open for raffle winners. January 22: Online at Gucci and The North Face.

I had pizza for tea.

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