The North Face Perfected the Parka

Few brands can hold a candle to The North Face in terms of ability to appeal aesthetically as well as technically. This is a brand that does its job in extreme conditions yet also retains a strong sense of street cred. At its core, TNF is about making sure those who don its iconic logo are protected as effectively as possible.

This year they celebrate half a century of the humble Parka jacket, an item they’ve worked hard to perfect over the years.

Three of their key styles are selected for a celebratory relaunch this season, with the McMurdo, the Arctic Bomber and the ’72 North Face Parka returning to mark 50 years of gentle evolution. For a brand named after the coldest and most unforgiving side of a mountain, you can bet they’ll have you covered when the cold kicks in.

These three icons of outerwear are launching any day now at

Mark Smith

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