Top Ten T-Shirts for Trespassing

Technically, all that open land you sometimes go for a big walk on is owned by somebody, and therefore you walking on it is trespassing. Most of the time it’s sound, obviously but if you decide you want to break stuff and be an absolute idiot, expect the firm hand of the law.

Realistically you’re fine in your short sleeve t-shirt, trampling the trail and soaking up the sun, maybe with a little sit down for a sandwich thrown in. Take your rubbish with you though, please. Leave it as you found it.

Anyway, this preamble is setting up us writing about clothes again, you’ve already guessed. This time we’re bringing your attention to a collection of ten t-shirts we quite like, and thought you might like too.

Check them out, they’re pretty good. All available via Terraces

New Balance Cafe T-Shirt
Not an immediate brand to jump out at you when it comes to t-shirts, New Balance do know their onions when it comes to footwear and their ad campaigns in recent years have been great, so why not t-shirts?
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Berghaus French Pyrenees T-Shirt
A slightly abstract depiction of the massive hills between France and Spain adorn this t-shirt from a brand named after a German mountain cabin.
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C.P. Company 30/1 Guage Jersey T-Shirt
Sometimes the label in the back isn’t big enough and you must therefore replicate it much bigger on the front, as a screen print. That is what C.P. have done here and while it shouldn’t really work, it does.
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Fjallraven 1960 Logo T-Shirt
The Swedish fox of the arctic variety celebrates its origins and heritage via this smart circular logo.
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Hikerdelic Core Logo T-Shirt
Writing nice things about a brand we here at Proper actually own and run always feels a bit too far so we won’t try and kid you. You like this don’t you, though?
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Hugo Boss Dulive T-Shirt
Absolutely screams Scarface this. You know that bit in the office? Yep? Sold.
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Armor Lux Callac T-Shirt
The French marine brand usually brings us stripes that are the envy of all other stripes, but this is something a little different. Nice colour, perhaps the same shade as the Mediterranean? Extra thick crew neck too. These things are important.
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Lacoste Croc T-Shirt
No t-shirt round up would be complete without a croc.
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Barbour Herd Lighthouse T-Shirt
Celebrating the Beacon that sits close to Barbour’s HQ, this t-shirt hops on the back print trend with ease.
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Barbour Norman T-Shirt
Another example of Barbour doing what they do so well, this heritage inspired large plaid print will have you attracting admiring glances from posh mums and burglars alike.
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