Topo Designs x KEEN Footwear

Sandal kings KEEN Footwear have collaborated with Denver-based Topo Designs to create an exciting new arrival for this Spring/Summer season.

Having worked with both brands on a number of things, we’ve had an uncommon insight into what makes them tick. The two brands fit together so well which made it all the more of a pleasure when we were asked to help them with the campaign.

This collection includes the KEEN UNEEK SNK Sneaker for both men and women, the KEEN UNEEK SNK Sneaker in men’s and women’s sizes, the Topo Designs Riverbag, Topo Designs Taco Bag Clip and Topo Designs Subalpine Hip Pack. They’ve really got your covered, haven’t they?

So fire up the camper van and head for the hills. Take this gear with you and embrace nature with two brands who know a bit about it.

See the full collection at Topo Designs now.

Mark Smith

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