TRiCKETT Competition “Tricker Album”

Remember when everyone collected World Cup stickers a couple of years ago? That was weird, wonnit. Is it still a thing? Anyway, here’s a sticker collection with some proper end results.

When I saw this being launched, to be honest, I wondered what the hell it was all about. Why would I want stickers of the friends and family of Trickett? Especially when Iain looks like he has had to hand in his passport for the duration of the tournament this summer?

Well, there are prizes on offer for the first 10 people to complete the sticker album. The album features 11 ‘players’ and one shiny and you get a sticker for up to every £20 you spend. This means, spend £19 and get one sticker, £21 and you get two, £41 and you get three, and so on.

The prizes are very decent, so fair play to all at Trickett for doing this. The first three prizes include a ‘mystery prize’ and the following;

1st to fill the album; £100 voucher + mystery gift

2nd; £50 voucher + mystery gift

3rd; £25 voucher + mystery gift

4th-1oth; a pair of extremely limited, previously unreleased socks from the collaboration Trickett did with Clarks.

If you end up with swaps, you can head to #trickswaps on Twitter and fill your album quicker.

Start collecting on 22nd April.

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