Trouser Picks at Yards

While shopping for trousers, you’re no doubt looking for a certain… kecks appeal. Something which leaves you panting for more. I’m not sure why this has quickly descended into a poor man’s Fifty Shades of Grey, buying trousers is a serious business. It’s no good having your top half sorted, a sweet pair of shoes, but then getting caught slacking in the trouser department (I’m still doing it, aren’t I?)

Anyway, there’s a belting selection of pants at Yards for your consideration. Here’s a few of our picks.

Despite their national dress being a kilt, our skirt-wearing celtic cousins north of the border often wear normal trousers while going about their everyday business. In fact, they’re actually pretty damn good at making them as well. Take Kestin, for example. Their Kelso Straight Leg Pant comes in a relaxed fit and is made from a high-quality water repellent Italian cloth. So, they’re comfortable and well capable of dealing with the unpredictable Scottish weather as well.  

Gramicci’s heritage is in climbing but these pants are equally suited to enjoying a drink on the rocks as sitting atop one. A slightly cropped and contemporary fit and made from a military-style satin-back crepe, these are a solid pair of trousers for whether you’re navigating a mountain or a Maker’s Mark. 

If you’re looking for something army-inspired for your legs, you could do worse than a pair of these Cotton Fatigue Pants from Uniform Bridge. Made from pure cotton and washed for a vintage appearance and soft feel, make it your mission to capture a pair. 

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