True Religion Connects Chief Keef and Francis Bourgeois

The two heartthrobs are connected by an unexpected lead…

In an unexpected twist of fates, there is now merely only one degree of separation between the nation’s sweetheart, Francis Bourgeois, who has taken the country by storm with his inspiring trainspotting videos (and making a cameo at our very own WHP) and Chief Keef, one of the hardest proponents of Chicago Drill. The link? True Religion. 

Back in 2012 when Chief Keef was only 16, he released a track True Religion Fien, in which he declares his undying love for the label. The instrumental features heavily on gunshots and hi-hats. Bourgeois, similarly, declared his love for True Religion, defying stereotypes by boldly declaring, “who says you can’t trainspot in a pair of True Religion jeans?” to a backdrop of train horns and tones. The similarities write themselves. 

This delightful connection is a testament to the all-pervading influence of True Religion, inspiring upper-middle-class gentlemen from Hertfordshire, alongside lean-addicted 16-year-old soon-to-be millionaires. 

If either of those is you, or if you sit somewhere in the middle – remember, life is a spectrum – then you may want to up your True Religion game. John Anthony has a sale on, with many Truey bits halved in price. I can envision both Keef and Bourgeoise rocking a velour Truey tracksuit, and similarly with the reflective puffer. 

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