Universal Works at The Great Divide


Universal Works are British and make great clothes. Which is good, because they don’t go on about it loads and none of their stuff makes you look like you’re off Top Gear or frequent Henman Hill. Anyway, look at all this stuff they’re flogging at The Great Divide…

The Italian Print Classic Shirt (pictured above) has got loads of mad blue polka dots on, which if worn right can make you look like you’ve either badly misjudged the dress-code for a mountain stage of the Vuelta a EspaƱa, or you’re a really, really clued-up children’s entertainer. Like Mr. Tumble, if he used to be into football violence a bit. It’s made from 100% cotton too, so you can justify buying it now for when you go to Malta with Jan and the kids in July.


The Ikat Classic Shirt is equally round-the-bend. It’s available in an eye-catching red, that is perhaps more summery than bot Lilt and Calippos combined and is dyed via a technique called Ikat – (Yeah. Probably why they called it that). After some swift Googling, this provides you with the perfect opening line for all those menswear-obsessed girls that you’re going to encounter at this summer’s barbeques. “Saw you looking. Yeah. It’s Ikat. Sangria?.. Where are you going?” – Seriously though, it’s an absolute smasher. Ignore her. You never liked her anyway.

There’s loads more warm-weather carry-on available for your perusal, including some chambray ‘dune shorts’ and a Hawaiian-print windcheater for when it inevitably pisses it down, whilst you’re playing swingball in Pwllheli.

Universal Works at The Great Divide


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