Universal Works Cord Jackets at The Hip Store

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I was listening to the radio this morning and apparently January 6th, ie. this coming Sunday and two days away at the time of writing, is statistically the most likely day you will die in a calendar year. In fact, it boasts a 25% higher mortality rate than average days. Very strange. And that got me thinking… it’s probably not worth risking going outside over the weekend then is it. Probably end up getting hit by a bus or struck by lightning. But one plus side to this whole dilemma is that by staying in bed, you’ll save all that money you otherwise would’ve spent being out and about risking your life. So, assuming you’re still with us come Monday, here’s an idea of what to spend it on… a cord jacket from Universal Works.

As I’m writing this, I’ve just taken a moment to consider if there’s many brands out there I appreciate more than Universal Works. I like everything they release, year after year. And in my opinion, their gear is also fairly affordable when compared to some of the prices of their competitors. But without doubt, the one thing they do really really well is jackets. Check out their selection of corduroy jackets available at The Hip Store.

Shop the Universal Works collection at The Hip Store, here.


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