Vetra Wool Jackets


Is it me or do we seem to get more rain in Summer than we do in Autumn over here? As soon as the summer holiday are over the sun comes out, the rain goes away and all we get is a slight nip in the air. Which personally I’m all for as this nip means we can get layer ing like a pastry chef and wear lovely warm breathable natural fabrics such as wool. Speaking of which Grants 1856 have just taken delivery of two timeless Vetra jackets both of which are made from wool and are just the ticket for hitting the outdoors without getting a sweat on. There’s the classic No 4 workwear jacket in a beautiful grey double faced wool that has ‘leisurely stroll to a country pub for a massive Sunday lunch’ written all over it, not literally mind. Whilst the 231D jacket though still pretty workwear is on more of a naval kind of tip that merges smart with casual in a way that the French manage to nail so perfectly. Think APC but for blokes who drink ale rather than wine.

Regardez les manteaux de laine ici.







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