Weekend Wears – Salomon, Noah x Barbour and more

It’s been a good week for collaborations.

Royal Ragz x Containa Liberty Cap

A snazzy handmade piece of headwear courtesy of a partnership that employs the refined knowledge of thread supplier Royal Ragz with the craftmanship of Containa. Whilst echoing the silhouette of other outdoor-focused headwear, through some subtle adjustments and an interesting choice of materials they have managed to create something original.

Cop here

Oakley x Staple Sub Zero

Retro Oakley frames received a revival thanks to those influencers on Instagram who seemingly overnight decided to give up raving and swap it for taking cute pics up hills in expensive waterproof jackets. The brand has cottoned on and brought in Jeff Staple the guy who puts a pigeon on things to, you guessed it, put a pigeon on some shades.

In actuality, the pair of Oakleys they’ve made are pretty damn great. They’ve created two iterations of the sci-fi-shaped Sub Zero, one replicating the original and one re-interpreting it. Both are steezy and come together in a pack so you’re saved the terror of deciding between them.

Check em out here

Noah x Barbour Bedale

Round 2 of this complimenting match-up has supplied another remix of Barbour’s inimitable Bedale. Noah’s expertise in on-the-beat casual wear adds value to this classic.

Peep the gorgeous autmnal lookbook here

Palace x Y3 Track Suit

A collaboration of two complementary flavours. Both Palace and Yohji play with the language of sportswear in exciting ways and this collab is really a best-of-both-worlds situation. After watching Zizou rock the all-white tracksuit whilst skating on the accompanying promo video it just had to make it on this week’s WW.

Link to video

Maison Margiela x Salomon

Margiela, known for a being member of the Antwerp six, has made a pair of shoes with Salomon aesthetically akin footwear seen on the starting eleven. These are part of a five-pair collection that is sure to get heads turning.

Avaliable at Farfetch here

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