What We Learned This Week – 16/12/16

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1 Our theme tune looks like it’s all set to be Christmas Number one this year. Which is nice.

2 We got the lookbook that we did for Dickies Life back from the printers and we’re dead, dead proud of it.


3 Our next project involves us bringing a slice of the Massimo Osti Archive to the UK in January. In the meantime you should whet your appetite by ogling the kit on their impeccable insta account here


4 Glenn Kitson is our new favourite DJ, give his Spiritland mix a go, it’s all killer no filler even if it is four hours long.

5 Speaking of ace music, we’re still trying to work out if Blossoms or David Brent made the best album of 2016.

6 It’s not really Christmas without a Ben Lamb card is it? This Bowie one has really brought a tear to our eye too. Buy them here.

7 This year may have been bad in oh so many ways but we can’t help thinking that Greggs have just made up for everything with a mince-pie flavoured lip balm. Cheers to Paul for bringing this to our attention.


8 Though WeFail brought us straight back down to earth with this gem of a gif. How good was that last episode of Rillington Place btw?

9 Then B3TA made us laugh again with this.


10 And finally…. this week we had to rush the dog to the vets as it had swallowed some christmas lights off the tree. You should have seen him when the vet made a big fuss of him and told him he’d be OK, his little face lit up.



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