What We Learned This Week – 22/7/16

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1.  Blossoms are still a GBOL.

2. Warm weather in Manchester is only fun for about an hour. Then it’s hard work.

3. There’s a female bus driver in Manchester with a face like a war-torn country.

4. Ray Chan is really good at taking photographs.


5. Glaswegian people who live in tents do not take kindly to being told to keep the noise down. #Ancoats

6. Merrell Solo are the newly crowned Hikerdelic Footwear of Choice (2016). Nike Lava Dome/ACG vibes.


7. Like your Uncle who is always eating egg butties, Novesta do great pumps.

8. Your average British male on a train does not shower.

9. Max from Kinoko Store has a tattoo which makes us really happy.


10. Your average British male cricket fan dresses like a toddler. #jackandjones

11. Suburra is our favourite film this year, so far.

12. These will be popular. But will they be as popular as these?


proper proper2 proper3

I had pizza for tea.

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