When is a Jacket not a Jacket? When it’s an Engineered Garments Cagoule Shirt

It’s the time of the year when the Big Jacket Lads get itchy. It’s kind of like a menswear strand of hayfever and it’s triggered by the weather. For the mildly self-conscious lads who need a jacket with a hood, even when it’s cracking the flags, the likes of Engineered Garments have it sorted.

You see, despite the desire to be be-jacketed all the time, nobody wants to be sweating like a pregnant Nun, so it’s a fine line. The solution is this- the Engineered Garments Cagoule Shirt.

It comes in a variety of forms, with a few fabric options and colours. The standout is arguably a Heroes of Telemark-style white version.

The Dapper Dundonians at Manifesto is the place to score yourself something that’ll reduce the chance of people going “You not warm in that, pal?” by at least 50%

Mark Smith

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