Proper Picks: Gear of the Week 13th-20th May

It’s our favourite stuff of the week again. The weather’s pretty shite where we are at the moment, so it’s not all flip-flops, sun hats and shorts, it’s just a healthy mix of what we’ve liked this week, as well as some bits we actually forgot about. From Stone Island to Fred Perry and adidas to Palace, this is our Proper Picks Gear of the Week.

Fred Perry x MHL Tennis Bomber
£250, Fred

Margaret Howell has dived head first into Fred Perry’s tennis archive to bring us her twist on the some iconic pieces. A collection of polo shirts, bombers, footwear and trousers, this white bomber is the winner for us. See the whole collection here.
Palace x Kickers

These are very: you either love or hate them, much like Guinness or vapers. But for us Palace’s second collaboration with Kickers is a winner. A lively, colourful collection of old school shoes might sound shit, but they look great. Other colours include neon yellow and black. You won’t see these on the playground.
Supreme x Stone Island Pocket T-Shirt
£190, Presented By

T-shirt and shorts weather is a lot better when the t-shirt you’re wearing is a Supreme x Stone Island collaboration. This and a pair of those And Wander shorts will have you onto a winner.
Novesta Star Master
€59.00, Novesta

Really, really into Novesta to be honest. Their Star Masters are the ideal footwear for this time of year. On the beach? Sound. Down the pub? Yes. In the loft? Probably.
Engineered Garments Cagoule Shirt
£215.00, Manifesto

It’s the time of the year when the Big Jacket Lads get itchy. It’s kind of like a menswear strand of hay fever and it’s triggered by the weather. For the mildly self-conscious lads who need a jacket with a hood, even when it’s cracking the flags, the likes of Engineered Garments have it sorted.
Yeezy Boost 700 Analog

Yeezys have a bad reputation thanks to fuck boiz and hypekids, but these Boost 700 Analogs are our favourite ones yet. Nothing too flashy, nothing too bright, just nice “sneakers”.
Albam Petham Parka
£199.00, END. Clothing

I dunno what it’s like where you are, but the weather’s actually pretty shit here, so coats are very much still needed. God bless Albam and their beautiful pastel outerwear. God bless.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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