Why we’re smitten with Elmer Mittens

First and foremost, covering your hands when the extreme cold kicks in is purely and simply an act of self-preservation. Protecting your extremities when exposed to prolonged periods at sub-zero temperatures is something the humans and their predecessors have been doing for hundreds of years, thousands even. Cave drawings dating back to the ice age suggest mittens were worn back then.

Over the years gloves have established themselves as the pre-eminent hand covering but when there are mittens knocking about that look like little sleeping bags for your hands, it may be time to question that.

Elmer Little founded the Elmer brand in the late 19th century, moving to upstate New York where a town named Stump City (so-called due to the plethora of tree stumps in the area). At one time the area was responsible for 90% of all gloves made in America so it was natural it would eventually become renamed Gloversville. How can you not be into a brand that makes gloves when it comes from Gloversville?

For the most part, UK life requires nothing more than a well-constructed glove, even in the depths of winter. Elmer are here for that. But in those days when following your football team requires sitting in the cold for 2 hours or more, or when a strong snowball or snowman requires construction, mittens are the one.

As specialists in this field, Elmer have a range of both gloves and mittens on offer for all tastes. Our faves are the sleeping bag ones below though.

See all Elmer Mittens and indeed gloves with fingers here

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