Win a pair of Saucony Trainer 80

To show off about the forthcoming launch of Proper Issue 14 we’re giving away six pairs of Saucony Trainer 80.

The Trainer 80 dates back 33 years to a time when running was called jogging and the people who did it all had impressive moustaches. These trainers put us in mind of an over-zealous games teacher with problems at home. It is – how you say – a strong look?

The Footwork Issue of Proper will feature all manner of trainery bits and bobs, not to mention some great stories written by our network of witty cranks about jobs they did years ago. It’ll be out soon, watch this space and all that.

All you need to do to enter our competition is answer the following question.

Saucony is named after Saucony Creek in Pennsylvania.

If you could set up a footwear brand with a watery story behind its name, what would it be called and why?

It could be something as small as a puddle on your street or as vast as the Atlantic. Ideally something creative and funny.

Post your entry in the comments of this page.

The best six will be chosen by our independent panel of adjudicators and the comp runs for a month. We’ll announce the winners in the first week of October, at which point you can all start growing your ‘taches ready for Movember/wearing these Trainer 80s.

Trainer 80 2943-27 Trainer 80 2937-25 Blue.Yellow

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. sean roper

    I would call then Saturday Flush as i would start the day with plenty of spending money in my back pocket and by the time i had been to the matchm the pub and the club. they would probably been piss on a few times too.

  2. I’d call my brand (hate that word) Atlantic. It would be a bohemethe of a brand and called Atlantic Pond for the Yanks.

    There would be:

    Atlantic Gulf Stream – would keep your feet warm
    Atlantic Saragosso – made from seaweed
    Atlantic Thor Hyderdahl – made from papyrus
    Atlantic crossing series
    The list is endless!! Not sure if anyone would want the Atlantic Titanic’s though

  3. Richard McLaws

    I would call my new brand StopIt, after my nearest “stop” sign, obviously. If you don’t stop at this one sign you drive into a river, topical.
    I would slowly work my way up in the business to where I get to do ridiculous overpriced collabs…Supreme x Vans x StopIt…White Mountaineering x StopIt.
    Thus completing my goal of ironically ridiculing other brands.

    All profits would be put back into the profit cycle, naturally.

  4. Michael band

    Mine would be called bollocks.


    “Nice pair of bollocks”

    “Those bollocks are nice”

    “Box fresh bollocks”

    “My bollocks are knackered I need a new pair”

    “Can I have this pair of bollocks in a 7 please”

    “Do you stock bollocks”

    I could go on.

  5. garry russell

    HI guys my brand of footwear would be called dighty burners…because of the small burn that runs past my house where i had grown up and these retro sneaks remind me of the old school sneaks you would wear back in the days…and also partly because the name burners reminds me two mad kids from my primary school who used do nuts things at the nearby the burn they would dare one and other to pick hogg weed and hit themselves with the toxic weed and getting horrendous burns…crazy fools so they take me back to crazy housing scheme days!!

  6. Spring – loads of them round my end and used to play in em as a kid!

    Pop – as in the local term for water ‘council pop’

    regal -simply ‘lager’ backwards

    Tory – cos they all want drowning!

  7. jeff stewart

    My new brand would be called Fittie footwear. I am from Aberdeen, and Fittie is what the locals here call Footdee, a small fishing village right on the North Sea coast.

    The trainer would have a big letter D on the side, not too dissimilar to New Balance.

  8. Beanoir1, having read your entry I would spend my last pound on PIKE footwear, take a bow!

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