A Kind of Guise takes inspiration from Iceland

Our teutonic chums at A Kind of Guise (henceforth referred to as AKOG) have just launched their seasonal Souvenir Shop. This is a non-profit project which pays homage to local cultures while celebrating craftsmanship and heritage. Twice a year, they take a deep dive into the cultures of a country to draw inspiration for their collections.

It’s been a recurring theme for AKOG since they begin their thing back in 2009.

This time around, they are working in collaboration with the Knitting Association of Iceland, digging deep into Iceland’s rich knitting tradition with a special-edition knitwear collection, consisting of 33 one-of-a-kind sweaters and accessories, hand-knitted by Icelandic individuals in their homes. This is something of a throwback to the old days, before mass manufacture was invented and handcrafted items were the way to make things. It gives an honest, authentic feel to the product that you just don’t get when brands mass-produce their garments.

Entirely originating in Iceland, each piece is not only knitted locally, but also traditionally made fromlocally sourced wool of the Icelandic sheep called Lopi. Icelandic wool is a natural, biodegradable product from family-owned farms with breathable and temperature-regulating properties in warm or cold conditions.

While the product is key, this project is about more than that. It’s about giving back, with all profits from this collection heading the way of Píeta, an Icelandic non-profit organisation offering counselling services to those dealing with suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and supporting families who have lost someone to suicide

At this time of year, especially in the darkness that prevails in northern Europe, it’s important we look after ourselves and each other, and this link up between one nation and another is a pretty good blueprint for a future where the world is about community, not division.

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