A sandal you can handle – Chaco Lands at Oi Polloi

Avid readers (of whom there are millions) will have noted with interest our mention of the American sandal brand Chaco last week. The post was actually the second time we’ve brought them to your attention, and we complete the hat-trick here by informing you Oi Polloi are back with their latest range.

There’s no doubt footwear such as this is designed for those days when you’re squeezing maximum fun out of summer. The backstory of this brand takes you back to their Colorado origins and the need for something which works just as well in water as it does on land, hence the gecko symbolism.

So whether you’re a puddle-jumping nutcase or prone to playing hopscotch along the shoreline, these Chacos are a sandal you can most definitely handle. Everyone should have a pair, we reckon.

Naturally, Oi Polloi agree. Check out their full range here.

Mark Smith

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