adidas ZX 500 RM at Oi Polloi

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Remember back in the 80s when people started to get away with wearing actual running shoes to do stuff in that wasn’t actual running? They were great days, them. Arguably the top dog of those times was the adidas ZX range, with their futuristic-looking design and various bits of architecture designed for support and comfort. The fact they still stand up (then run off) today says a lot about their timeless silhouette.

That said, we are in 2018 and technology by its very nature moves on. This new take on the ZX500 incorporates a Boost sole, which like its confectionery namesake is designed to add pep to your step.

These are launched at 00:01 on 7th July, which is a couple of days isn’t it? Click here to see more.

I had pizza for tea.

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