Adsum Looks Good in Pastel and in 4K Colour

However Adsum SS22 gear is styled, it shines. 

adsum ss22

When Adsum styled their SS22 range, they did it against a backdrop full of colour. There was bright yellow, bold blue and vivid greens, and these set the tone for the collection’s contrasting colours to jump from. 

When Oi Polloi styled it, they did it in a distinctly more pastel way. The yellow is softened, and other items of the collection are brought to the forefront, including pistachio sweaters, muted indigos, stone shorts.

There are two different approaches here, and neither is better than the other. They both showcase different elements of Adsum’s multifaceted SS22 range. 

The New Yorkers know exactly how to make ultra-slick, sophisticated, stripped-back yet modern pieces. 

Head to Oi Polloi to check the latest Adsum.

Adsum at Oi Polloi

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