Are you taking Gorpcore too far?

It’s the latest trend all the cool kids are talking about – GORPCORE.

For the uninitiated, GORP is an acronym for Good ‘Ol Raisins and Peanuts, a favourite snack of stateside hikers. It has taken on another dimension of late, with all manner of Arc’teryx Obsessives hitting the outdoors in a post-pandemic flourish of goretex and brand names.

Some are taking things a little far though. Their entire lives have been taken over by questions like “How do I style this balaclava without looking like a terrorist?”, “Do I really have to walk this far?” and “Is Gore-Tex hyphenated and capitalised when written?” 

It really is a minefield.

A minefield of technical outerwear and sustainable water bottles. Tap the button and take the quiz to find out where you stand.

Into this?

Check out brands like The North Face, Keen, Patagonia, Story mfg and our own Hikerdelic.

I had pizza for tea.

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