C.P. Company is Feeling Down

The last few years have seen a serious cementing of C.P. Company’s popularity, particularly here in the UK. With founder Massimo Osti’s son Lorenzo established as the president of the brand, it’s bigger and more appreciated than ever before. Of course, this isn’t all down to that magic Osti DNA but it’s no coincidence the brand is at its zenith.

The challenge now of course is to keep things bubbling without boiling over, which given the UK distribution network relies heavily on one large group could be difficult, but then it is a business, and in the UK right now retail businesses are falling over left, right and centre. There are plenty things worse than popularity.

Industry chat aside, part of C.P.’s appeal these days is its embracing of its roots, that working-class appreciation of nice things that is deep rooted in the UK psyche, with the terraces at its core. Incidentally, this jacket is available now at a shop called Terraces.

Perfectly positioned pockets, direct down injection and all the technical elements you want in a jacket from C.P. are present. Now it’s just a case of waiting for the temperature to plunge.
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Mark Smith

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