C.P. Company Multipocket at Manifesto

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There are some who would say a 40-year-old father of three shouldn’t be wearing lenses in his hood, and to those people I say “That’s fine, but you’re wrong”.

I can wear whatever I like because a) You’re not my real Dad and b) Age is less relevant than it has ever been now. Remember in the 70s when everyone’s Dad dressed like it was the war and their kids rebelled against it? Been and gone now, that. When the sun comes out, the world will be awash with mid-life crisis lads in their toddler clothes, garish patterned shorts and flip flops. If they get a pass for dressing like Mr Tumble’s illegitimate daughter, I’m not being maligned for wearing goggles in my coat.

Sorry, bit self-indulgent that wasn’t it? I’m not defensive, I’M NOT DEFENSIVE.

The bottom line here is whether this is a nice coat or not. And the answer is yes. It’s a tasteful variation on a classic garment. I’m gonna pair it with some grey hairs, frown lines and scarred knuckles and as we’ve already discussed, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Get yours from Manifesto.


I had pizza for tea.

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