Cat Footwear x Harris Tweed – Built for the Land

Like many of the workwear brands that have transcended their original purpose, Cat Footwear still treads the line between function and fashion. In these days of austerity it can be easy to go for brands with the flashiest marketing and the lowest price, but as the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice.

In Cat you’re getting an authentic, hard-wearing brand with decades of evolution, tweaks and innovation packed into footwear that does what it says on the tin.

That said, sometimes being the best at the job isn’t enough to get noticed. That’s why Cat are spreading their wings somewhat, recently working with Nigel Cabourn and now pairing up with perhaps one of the most celebrated and revered names in clothing – Harris Tweed.

The Colorado 2.0 boot is a rugged one, built to last. Unifying this with Harris Tweed creates the perfect partnership to tell the “Built from the Land” story. This celebrates hard work and is an ode to the craft and resilience of the people of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, from where the 100% wool fabric on the Isle of Harris is sourced.

This fabric is globally renowned and sought after, with the land and people woven into its very fabric. It reflects the colours of the landscapes, the remote beauty that can be seen, and the values of the hardy inhabitants of this part of the world.

To the north of the remote string of islands lies the Isle of Lewis, a rugged and bleakly beautiful land of heather and moor, loch and stream. It is home to the main harbour town of Stornoway and the three Harris Tweed mills.

The Isle of Harris, more mountainous than its northern brother, boasts some of the world’s finest beaches of golden fine shell sand, shallow azure blue seas, and a myriad of hidden crofts and villages. It’s a place that proves exotic locations needn’t be close to the equator.

Dialling directly into the DNA of this part of the world, Cat’s Colorado boot is reimagined in three special Harris Tweed colours, each adding an attractive but functional element to the boot, adding additional comfort and durability.

The Colorado 2.0 Harris Tweed will be available from October 2023 via and selected retailers

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