Christmas Jumpers it’s OK to wear

As stated here, we hold no truck with people enjoying themselves, even if they do so by dressing up a bit daft. The Christmas Jumper thing has thrown up a lot of silliness and some genuinely funny ones too. But although we enjoy an evening of lols as much as the next person, doing so in a shit jumper isn’t really on our radar.

Maybe a good halfway house is something that looks like it could be a Christmas jumper, but isn’t?

Here’s a few we liked and thought you might like too.

Human Made Dachs Knit Sweater
At £405 this isn’t the type of purchase you’ll make flippantly, unless you’ve got cash on the hip and you’re looking to turn it into something legit, or perhaps you’re a footballer. Either way, it’s a definite statement-maker.
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Acne Studios Mohair Jumper
With a mohair pattern that looks like the Pulsar depicted on Unknown Pleasures, this is ideal for sitting at home in, while drinking a mug of hot chocolate, perhaps wearing a pair of reassuringly expensive joggers. It’s another spenny one, but good knitwear don’t come cheap.
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Sky High Farm Character Knitted Jumper
Sky High Farm is an actual farm, based in the Hudson Valley, NY. These days, clothing brands aren’t just here to make clothes, they’re here to do other stuff for good and this is a brand that is embracing that ethos. Give them a google.
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adidas Originals by Wales Bonner Knit Long Sleeve Jumper
A more affordable option than those previously listed here, this puts us in mind of the carpet from The Shining. If that floats your boat, get involved.
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C.P. Company Chenille Cotton Jacquard Jumper
You’re standing there on Christmas morning, wearing this jumper, opening your Star Wars figures and your Mum puts a camera in your face. “Say cheese!” she exclaims. You don’t say “cheese” though. You say “CEEE PEEE COMPANYYY!” and it has the same effect.
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C.P. Company Wool Jacquard Jumper
You’re not seeing double. There are several versions of this sort of thing available from numerous retailers. This might be our fave.
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SNS Mohair Crew Neck Knit
A lot of retailers are doing their own brand these days, and many of them are doing an OK job. Sneakersnstuff are doing a more than OK job though, especially through their knitwear. Scando roots innit.
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Polo Ralph Lauren Longsleeve Pullover
You’re smoking a pipe wearing a deerstalker, only partly for comedy effect. You’re in a log cabin holding court. You’re wearing this. Everyone wishes they were you.
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SNS Knitted Crewneck
Another piece of evidence that SNS aren’t just a retailer of footwear, but a purveyor of fine knitwear, too.
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Stussy Tie Dyed Fisherman Sweater
Pretty striking this, isn’t it? Looks like it’s inspired by Nigel Winterburn or perhaps a shark attack victim. Both valid.
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Barbour x Maison Kitsune Landscape Crew Knit
North Eastern Knitwear from outdoor enthusiasts, in symphony with good old Maison Kitsune. Yes, we’ll have two please.
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Casablanca Heart Monogram Crew Knit
Seen a few footballers wearing this of late and it’s a real shame. Worn in an understated way with some joggers and a tired expression? Yep. Worn with a pair of sisters jeans and those shoes with the big white sole? Nah m8.
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Chamula Serape Pullover Sweater Red
Some of the knitwear in this list is there on merit, whether that merit comes via design or quality. This has both.
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Foret Camp Jacquard Knit
Find us something more autumnal. We’ll wait.
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