Cleverhood Rain Capes

There comes a moment in every year where you look up to the heavens and just go “Oh bloody hell, here we go again”.

For me, living in the shadow of the English Pennines that moment was today. Being drenched as summer gives way to autumn is nothing new, but what made today a bit more annoying was the fact I was giving a new pair of Levi’s their debut. And they got proper soaked through. Don’t need that do you?

So naturally, while my array for vintage and contemporary goretex is cooler than the other side of the pillow, I found myself wondering what next. Could I wear one of those mad rain suits old people on bikes wear? I’d like to think so, but no. What about…. what about a cape? Yeah a cape, the preserve of cycling enthusiasts and superheroes. Good reference points from where I’m sitting.

Then I remember Sam at Cleverhood got in touch the other day. Sorry, he ‘reached out’. We get a lot of people ‘reaching out’ to us. I like it. When people ‘reach out’ it makes me feel important. Nobody where I live ‘reaches out’. They just send a text message or shout really loud.

I followed his link and found capes aplenty. Think Future Sherlock Holmes. Think practical cool. Practicool?

Either way, I’m 35 next week and any fears that I might look a bit of a wally wearing a cape are surely in the past. I might have to ask for a bike just to perfect the look though. Yes, that’s what I’ll do when I’m 35, I’ll buy a bike and a cape and maybe a pipe to smoke, just to add an air of Victorian fictional detective.

I think I might be going a bit mad you know?

Anyway, the houndstooth and corduroy versions are particularly appealing. More  at their website though.

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Ramsay de Give for Cleverhood Ramsay de Give for Cleverhood

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