Colmar nears 100 years

Despite sharing a name with a seemingly fitting French town, Colmar is actually Italian. Not only that, but they’re on the verge of celebrating their 100th year in existence.

The name actually takes the first three letters from its founder from Mario Colombo, albeit reversed. When Mario passed away prematurely in the 1940s, his sons Giancarlo and Angelo assisted their mother Irma in steadying the ship at a time when Italy’s political situation was turbulent to say the least. As many brands in that era found, military goods were in high demand and Colmar provided safari jackets to the French Foreign Legion. Following this, a move into sportswear and in particular skiing equipment was a natural progression.

Numerous notable skiers wore Colmar, whose innovations put them at the forefront of the outdoor apparel market, especially in their native Italy. Off the back of this undoubted provenance, Colmar Originals was created to celebrate the ski aesthetic in a lifestyle range and that takes us up to today.

For AW22 Colmar uses its near-century of expertise to bring lightweight yet sturdy pieces to combat the cold. Still in ownership of the family that created it, Colmar is a success story with roots remaining in its hometown of Monza, Italy.

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