Cook Up KitchenCore with Service Works

There’s a school of thought that suggests we male men choose our clothing through a very low key form of cosplay. Whether it’s military-minded smocks or more niche clothing based around the less masculine pursuit of gardening (looking at you, Sassafras), all of our clothing has its roots in function, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a brand like Service Works making waves in the fashion consciousness of an increasing number of clothing enthusiasts.

Actually, it’s not really waves Service Works is built for making. Their kitchen core aesthetic eschews the chessboard pants worn by the red-faced lads on their break, stealing a filthy smoke in a back alley behind your favourite restaurant. Always puts me off eating at said restaurant, that. But if I were to see a flustered commis chef effortlessly putting the bins out back wearing Service Works I’d probably head straight for a look at the menu, fickle fucker that I am.

It’s a matter of time before Thanksgiving goes the way of Proms, Halloween and other American traditions and infiltrates our commercialised calendar here in the UK. If you do 2 minutes of research like I’ve just done, you’ll find it was originally and English thing back in the days of wife-hoarding Henry VIII. A big load of food and maybe some time with family? Yeah, sounds nice actually. Like Christmas has had a false start. Where do we sign up?

If the inevitable does happen, we encourage budding home chefs and indeed professional kitchen staff to embrace Service Works. Born in 2020 out of a love for hard-wearing workwear, Service Works makes working clothes, specifically the type you’d find washing dishes, prepping surfaces and yes, cooking.

This is gear that’s just as at home in the kitchen as it is out of it.

They do those chessboard pants too.

Take a closer look here

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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