Doughnut Woodland Small Bo-He Backpack

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You know sometimes you wake up and all that’ll do is a day pretending to be an errant Native American, albeit one in a coffee shop drinking a small cup of rich hot liquid and wearing superb ocular accoutrements. You know those days don’t you? You’ve just had a fresh trim, you’ve been to the gym more than once in the last week and you feel on top of the world.

The only thing to consider is which bag you’re going to put your macbook, your charger, your needlessly expensive camera and your other considered items in. Well, here’s a suggestion. This one. This Doughnut one. This Doughnut Woodland one.

Doughnut’s motto is ‘Pack Your Dream’ which is a very Far Eastern sentiment. Then again, your dream might be to look effortlessly cool and if so, this bag works too. It’s got all the compartments a modern traveller would need but aesthetically looks to take influence from the 70s or something. It’s nice anyway.

Have a look, see more. Buy one.

I had pizza for tea.

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