Favourite Fives : Tayler Willson

What did we do before Twitter? Cast your mind back to when the internet was all fields as far as the eye could see and we only had a burgeoning facebook and friends reunited on which to spout our sarcasm. Then along came Twitter with its robust regulations and fascist approach to word counts and everyone got around 4% funnier.

It also opened the doors to loads of internet commentators who were good with words and quick with quips. Tayler is one of them. He also writes things that aren’t clipped down to 140 characters for lots of people you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t but should have.

Tayler is from Portsmouth which by my reckoning is the most Northern place on the South Coast. Not geographically but in attitude. They don’t give a fuck down there, in my experience. I’m claiming some credit for that given my Auntie Margaret and her spouse Cliff moved there from Manchester in the 60s (or something), and one of their daughters married a Scouser. Everyone down there is probably touched by their wit and propensity for showing off.

The internet is full of lads who write stuff and many play down their abilities to appear that bit more aloof, putting forward a “I can’t even spell my own name” type rhetoric. In Tayler, we have the real deal. Both his first and second name appear to actually, deliberately be misspelled. Anyway here’s his Favourite Five.


You know when someone asks you to name your favourite music or band and your mind goes blank as shite? Yeah, that. I’m a weird one to be honest. I like everything from the Smiths to Skepta. From Drake to the Proclaimers. I’m an enigma. I even have the Les Miserables soundtrack on me phone. Depends what kinda mood I’m in really. I’m easy.



I’m an absolute killer for an over shirt. Like, the do-a- few-buttons- up-and- wear-it- like-a- cape look. My golden boy is my Universal Works Baker Jacket. Nabbed it off eBay for £25.00. My choice of footwear might be a bit ordinary, but nothing will compare to the adidas Stan Smiths. Lost count of the amount of pairs I’ve had before making them soggy and unwearable after a few pints and what looks like a game of five-a- side on my way home.

I’m a big fan of the old Reebok Classics, too. Oh, and I bought a pair of adidas Court Vantage the other day and they’re reflective. They’re pretty sound.



It’s quite sad, this, but I’m not a reader. Never have been. The last book I read was Roald Dahl’s The Twits back when I was a nipper. I Blame games and technology. But saying that, I’m obsessed with magazines that smell good. They’re books right?

The Tricorn in Portsmouth. It was demolished a few years ago now. But anyone with a passion for architecture, and things that are generally decent, who hasn’t heard of it should Google it. I was obsessed.


Something Else
Call of Duty 4. I was obsessed. I even did a 24-hour marathon for charity once too. Pissed out me bedroom window when I was deep into a clan match. Not proud. Sold my Xbox shortly after that. It got out of hand.


Follow Tayler (above, (not really above)) on Twitter and read words for The Rig Out.

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