Fjallraven Eco-Friendly Re-Kanken

Typical bloody Swedes. There’s me shivering my knees off separating the cans from the cardboard and putting the right rubbish in the right bin, then I come back in the house and see these. Fjallraven Kanken bags but with a difference, they care for the environment even more than I do. And I really care for the environment, me. I’ve got a compost bin and I mostly have showers instead of baths.

Anyway, this is like a regular Fjallraven Kanken, but they’ve made it out of recycled plastic, 95% of it anyway. It has a compartment to fit a plastic bottle and yet it’s probably made from them. The process of its production uses a spin dying process that uses as little water and energy as possible, too.

So if you’re after something that works in the wilderness but also preserves it, grab one of these.

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