FLY53 Fanzine #13

If you’re a regular reader of this site and our magazine it can’t have escaped your notice that we’re quite into fanzines and the culture which surrounds it. Indeed, Proper was very much a fanzine until issue 9. While Proper is a bit better turned out ┬áthese days, it’s still pretty fanzine flavoured. That is owed to the fact we still read anything and everything of that nature. You know those free magazines you get in clothing and record shops? We have loads of them. You know football fanzines – that archaic relic from when football wasn’t dumb and dull? We’ve got loads of them too. I even edit one for my not very good 5th division team.

So when the email dropped into our inbox talking about a brand which wouldn’t ordinarily be on our radar – FLY53 – talking about their new fanzine, we were naturally interested.

Focusing on the music angle, their fanzine is, like Proper, approaching its difficult teenage years. It’s well worth a browse though.

Get hold of a copy via any FLY53 stockist, see for details.

Mark Smith

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