Forét Wants You to Eat Beetles

The title isn’t exactly true. In fact, it’s a complete lie. But in our last post about Forét, we discussed how Copenhagen’s famous restaurant, Noma, forages for a lot of their ingredients. Well, one of the most promising ingredients of the would-be future is insects. Ants. I’ve heard fire ants are delicious. Noma serves ants crushed up like peanuts on top of stuff.

What’s this got to do with beetles, you ask? Well, they’re both insects, I guess. And Forét have a really nice army vest called Beetle which I’m sure can’t be a coincidence. I think Forét, the nice conscientious guys that they are, are interested in saving the planet. To do that we have to eat more insects. So maybe, I guess, the title isn’t a lie? 

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