Good Measure M-21 Sweatshirt – Clough and Cruyff

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Refreshingly down to earth yet uncompromisingly premium, Good Measure are right up our rue. They make sweatshirts which are eminently wearable and very serious in their construction and quality, and yet there’s none of the pretentiousness you’d usually find with a product so good. Instead of referring to obscure flowers or specific pantones, they align their colours to something us absolute LADS will appreciate. Because, why not? It’s what they are, it’s what we are.

So when they decided on a lovely green and a zesty orange, they had a list of choices… mushy peas and carrots? Orville and Cuddles the Monkey? Both a bit too silly. How about the football angle? Well, in the green you’ve got the perfect pre-Premier League persona in Brian Clough, while the orange could only ever be Johann Cruyff. Both mercurial in their managerial style, both creating a legacy in football and the associated culture, and both known to partake in all the stuff football men of the past used to consider normal. A bit of booze, some cigs, all that. In both cases it’s what eventually did for them.

There are many ways of keeping their respective legacies alive, and this must rank amongst the most tenuous. But it’s better than calling them after vegetables or Keith Harris’s mates isn’t it?

Go and grab one at Peggs and son.

I had pizza for tea.

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