Introducing Meanforme Footwear

From time to time, people appreciate we’re more than just lads who write about clothes and shoes. I mean, we are that, very much so. But we also work closely behind the scenes with brands on a number of projects, some of which you’ll find in our next magazine.

One such brand is a new kid on the block, but from someone with vast experience in his craft. As you’ll see from his Favourite Five, Steve Tuite is one of the good guys and he’s not just a shoe nerd who talks cobblers about aglets, aprons and arch support.

Steve is the guiding hand behind Meanforme, a brand that combines all of his knowledge and experience and launched its first range literally today (25/8).

Having worked closely with Meanforme in recent months, we can attest to the pursuit of perfection that exists in everything the brand does. With such an exacting approach to product, it would have perhaps been easier to start Meanforme’s journey with something simple and straightforward. Instead, this handmade Risedale shoe is the footwear that helps the brand take its early steps.

The process begins in Steve’s head, here in Manchester, when – aided by a small team of experts – he brings what exists in his head to life.

In the case of the Risedale, each shoe is hand-stitched. This practice takes half an hour per foot. To add context, the same process using machine stitching would take around one minute. This makes the shoes extra-special and also dictates that a finite number will be produced. Hand-stitching isn’t suited to mass production.

The shape of the shoe is exactly the type you’d expect to see on the feet of a certain type of rock star, which of course will generate interest from a certain consumer, but having felt, smelt and dealt with the Risedale in both suede and the more expensive premium leather version, I can say these are as good as – if not better – than anything the stateside shoe manufacturers charge almost twice the price for.

As with any brand these days, the product only forms part of what you’re buying into. That demands a pivot from product and process-driven people that isn’t always comfortable, and as a result some brands can fall flat. They have amazing product and a decent story but they’re incapable of telling it. Meanforme aren’t one of them.

For more background information on Meanforme, its process and ethos, you should head directly to their instagram, or give this video a watch. It’s also embedded below.

Then when you’re ready, remove that card from your wallet and purchase a pair here

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