Introducing… SHU at Hip

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Every once in a while the radar goes on the blink and a brand which makes really nice outerwear passes into our consciousness undetected by the usual razor-sharp sartorial senses. Maybe we’re losing our touch.

One such brand is St Petersburg’s SHU.

The Russians know the score, it seems. Sure there are puffer jackets out there in their droves, but how many are reversible? Few. Very few. And how many are happy to do them in a classic green with alternative strawberry milkshake flavour? Not sure there are any apart from SHU.

When I rescue the big coats from the loft in a week or two, I’ll be giving them all their obligatory fitness test but once done, I feel a shake up will be required. A milk shake up.

See more of this SHU gear at Hip.

See more at Hip

I had pizza for tea.

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