Jansport at Urban Outfitters

I don’t go anywhere without my rucksack these days. Every time I hear the word rucksack though, I’m taken back to that scene in Trading Places where Jamie Lee Curtis asks Clarence Beeks “Please to help me with my rooksak!?”. Quite apt given the yuletide theme of the film. Maybe I’m just a bit weird though.

Anyway, being a non-driver and someone who enjoys walking everywhere, my array of backpacks is growing. Jansport is the type of reliable steady Eddie that any keen pedestrian should own and I’m no different. Plus with Christmas a’coming, you’ll be needing something to put all your presents in won’t you?

I like the big purple one. And no, that’s not the name of the Viz Christmas annual.

Get your bulging sack at Urban Outfitters. Fnarr.

P.S Don’t tell anyone but the discount code ‘UO10′ might just get you ten percent off. But it’s a secret.


Mark Smith

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