Nature Calls – Nike ACG at Wellgosh

Taking clothing seriously without looking like we’re taking it seriously. That’s our whole thing isn’t it? Knowing about things like garment furniture, the origins of Gore-Tex and why certain colours just look right, all while pretending we’re not that fussed. That’s us.

If there’s a brand which has the same ITK but DGAF attitude, it’s Nike ACG. Previous forays into content have been that fine balance between irreverence and actual product focus. Their products work, that’s a given. But what does the brand stand for? Well, it’s the outdoors and that geekiness without being remotely uncool. Or maybe it’s harnessing the uncool so much it becomes cool. Best not to think too much about it, probably.

With all of this in mind, when Wellgosh asked us to put some ideas together to shine a light on the SS21 Nike ACG collection we rubbed our hands and got to work.

In truth, this gear is so good it almost shouldn’t need explaining. Instead, we had some fun with it, harnessing the spirit of 1980s television to create this short film following the the journey of Tony, as he navigates his way back into the fresh air after months of lockdown living.

In addition to this, we also took to the great outdoors to put the collection through its paces. It stood up, obviously.

What’s so great about Nike ACG is how effortlessly it sits in several settings. Whether you’re skating in the rain, camping in the hills or just sitting around drinking Aldi alcohol in a town square (it’s the new pub), onlookers couldn’t fail to be impressed.

If you’re looking to show off in any of those settings, plus a whole lot more besides, you honestly should check this stuff out.

See the whole range here.

Mark Smith

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